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Five inmates, four correctional officers and a judge were given tape recorders. For six months, the diarists kept audio journals and recorded the sounds and scenes of everyday life behind bars: shakedowns, new inmate arrivals, roll call, monthly family visits, meals at the chow hall, and quiet moments late at night inside a cell.

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July 2011  PDF or DOC

As the State allows massive cutbacks in rehabilitative programming correspondence courses are in demand, how being a follower can compromise your principles, and not letting the daily trials of prison life distract you from your ultimate goal.

June 2011  PDF or DOC

Correspondence courses as an alternative to declining prison programs, the U.S. Supreme Court mandates CA to reduce its population by as many as 46,000 prisoners, our perceptions of time, a study shows term-to-life prisoners don't recidivate, which CA prisoners are to be released in Plata case, and Court finds Marsy's Law in violation of ex post facto clause.

May 2011  PDF or DOC

A prisoner's efforts toward preparing for a parole hearing can frequently be obstructed by administrative practices, identifying the unacceptable behaviors we learn in prison, and a short report card on CA's new Governor.

April 2011  PDF or DOC

After years of top prison professionals claiming that only about 15% of prisoners truly pose any threat to public safety CA parole board continues to deny parole, conflicting ideas of respect, and making decisions based on credible facts.

March 2011  PDF or DOC

We consider the varied approach necessary while on the battlefields of advocacy, recognizing a defective thought process can help you find your path, a prisoner's thoughts on program accessibility, and what's all the hoopla in Wisconsin?

February 2011  PDF or DOC

A billionaire backed ballot initiative and it's deceptive little realities, reducing prison populations may create program opportunities, U.S. supreme Court rules in Cooke case, and one prisoner's faith in the future.

January 2011  PDF or DOC

A unified effort by the parole reform community is the order of the day, CCA private prisons in Arizona still rioting, serving the community from outside the wall, and Patrick Henry's Presidential address.

December 2010  PDF or DOC

As Democrats gain complete dominance over California's state government prisoner advocates take notice, why learning to speak before a group can improve your parole prospects, U.S. Supreme Court appears open to overcrowding case, and some insightful reflection by Abe Lincoln.

November 2010  PDF or DOC

Contrary to the record parole panels consistently deny parole as they recite "lack of insight," adding a little humility to one's character, Election Day reviewed, and more private prisons for California's prisoners.

October 2010  PDF or DOC

Under the current arbitrary standards of due process is today's exoneree the new parolee, an adequate level of advocacy requires unity inside & out, and Matt Gray runs for city council while Sen. Roy Ashburn goes to jail.

September 2010   PDF or DOC

Improving public safety the Norwegian way could reverse the poor state of our economy, rehabilitating one's self is a life-long commitment, and a few parole facts & stats of special interest.

August 2010    PDF or DOC

A look at the gubernatorial candidate's stance on matters of prison and parole, a step by step approach towards finding your freedom, and the endless fears of crime that plague this nation.

July 2010    PDF or DOC

Rehabilitative programs indiscriminetly removed from CA prisons, some good examples of honor and integrity, and some helpful tips for identifying and handling stress.

June 2010    PDF or DOC

Does party-line ideology detract from principled law within our courts, confronting adversity and making good decisions, a few smart tips for those with idle hands.

May 2010

After years of conservative movements to forbid the incarcerated any right to vote are the tides changing, a good sense of identity goes a long way when faced with adversity, with some attorney's you get what you pay for, and private prisons on the rise.

April 2010 

Communucating the injustice exerienced by those forced to navigate a corrupted parole process seems to fall on deaf ears. ASU population increasing in contrast with population as a whole.

March 2010

Parole reform issues for Term-To-Life Prisoners are thoroughly discussed in this month’s newsletter. Pertinent case law researched and cited here.

February 2010 

When bad prison yard politics can result in nothing but bad choices for the term-to-life prisoner, the California governor appoints yet another anti-parole parole commissioner, and a brief word from our editor.

November 2009

Faced with over 50 preventable deaths per year CA prisons still fight federal takeover, how prisoners can overcome the victim mentality, prison policies proven to fail, and a short history of indeterminate sentencing.

October 2009         PREVIEW | PDF | WORD DOC | LEGAL | 17x11

Contrary to every state advisory body on prison programs and recidivism California's legislature cuts programs and fails to reduce population, having the vision to accomplish our goals, and moving forward when faced with heavy resistance.

September 2009     PREVIEW | WORD DOC | LEGAL SIZE | PDF

The CA Legislature again falls short in an effort to correct the State's dysfunctional prison system, a quick course in planning for release, and a few ideas on keeping State appointed lawyers and psych's honest.

August 2009      PREVIEW | WORD DOC | LEGAL SIZE | PDF

Life in prison as an alternative to capital punishment raises questions of moral inconsistency, finding true happiness within, and are inhumane prison conditions being addressed in Guantanamo Bay but ignored within our own backyard.


A brief education on advocating your cause at very little cost, why a criminal conviction need not remove the redemption value of a human being, does the legislature have what it takes, and one man's seven year denial.


A historical look at some successful landmark parole cases can provide a better understanding of your due process protections, relationships explored, handling a bad parole hearing, and taking responsibility for representing yourself before the board.

May 2009         PREVIEW | WORD DOC | LEGAL SIZE | PDF

Taking a look at recent changes in prison regulation we find that access to rehabilitation programming is not high on the state's agenda, generally accepted concepts of society, and one man's pending parole grant.

April 2009        PREVIEW | WORD DOC | LEGAL SIZE | PDF

After long-standing acceptance conservative right takes issue with legislature's passage of bills of attainder, recognizing legitimate self-improvement, possible alternative to current parole process, and seizing opportunities. 

March 2009         PREVIEW | WORD DOC | LEGAL SIZE | PDF

How two Supreme Court cases and one ballot proposition have impacted parole hearings in California, the benefits of group participation, and a look at the parole process if it were permitted to function without today's political influences.

February 2009      PREVIEW | WORD DOC | LEGAL SIZE | PDF

Can a change of guard at the national level bring the sorely needed repeal of four horrendous Acts of Congress, a closer look at the stereotyped convict, and going through the final stages of a successful parole hearing.  

January 2009      PREVIEW | WORD DOC | PDF

We explore the dire need for legitimate oversight in our judicial, correctional, and parole processes, some rules to live by when making the transition to freedom, legislators still refuse to reduce $10 billion prison system when faced with $40 bil deficit, and the values of honesty.

December 2008      PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Taking a closer look at those who promote deceptive ballot measures and how such efforts are funded, coping with insecurities while serving time, and preparing a closing statement for your next parole hearing.

November 2008      PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Emotionally charged deception maintains its stronghold on Election Day, the influence of proper educational programs within a prison setting, and a short history of the stabilizing influence term-to-life prisoners provide to the prison environment.

October 2008      PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

The restoration of an incarcerated person's civic duties and the efforts being made to make it a reality, how negative influences within the prisons tend to stymie a prisoners progress, and advocating for ones self by mail.

September 2008     PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

The California Supreme Court finally rules on whether parole consideration hearings may continually deny parole based solely on the gravity of the crime, staying consistent in decision making, and is "parole" actually early release?

August 2008             PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

How the special interests take advantage of the voiceless, a historical look at an oppressive agenda, and supporting the right of independent thought.  

July 2008            PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Would a 15 year parole denial create more than just a "speculative" increase in punishment? The legislature elects to reject the governor's parole board appointees, and abuse of the custody classification system.   

June 2008          PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Voter manipulation through state initiatives and what can be done, cutting though the stress, and the Attorney General's fight to end parole.. under color of authority.

May 2008           PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

The Evolution of California's massive prison system, the many ways that family can provide support, dealing with postponed parole hearings, and enhancing ones ability to gain insight, is explored.   

April 2008           PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Are the prison system's espoused goals of rehabilitation consistent with their current policy trends. Social trends within the prison population and personal efforts toward rehabilitation are highlighted.

March 2008           PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

We look at voices of social, religious, economic, and political dissension, being qualified as "homegrown" terrorists. The cumulative effect of ex post facto law, and a reflection on author Fyodor Dostoevsky's writings.

February 2008      PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

The massive amounts of taxpayer dollars spent on prison operations and the complete lack of oversight is considered. Reflections on long-term incarceration are also explored.

January 2008         PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

The defensive stature demonstrated by state government when faced with mounting courtroom loses, and the supportive roles of family and friends.

December 2007       PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Setting goals and unified efforts toward parole reforms, mending relationships strained by time, when should an independent Psych. Evaluation be prepared, and the public's perception of the prison experience.

November 2007       PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

The "ex post facto" application of newly implemented laws, making a diligent effort toward change, identifying a skilled attorney for your next parole hearing, and avoiding self-destructive behavior.

October 2007         PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Opposing forces of rehabilitative programming, a little honest chat about sincerity, ideas to secure a credible record of the parole hearing, taking advantage of what's available, and some objective reflection.

September 2007        PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

How corporate and political interests use their "fear of crime" tactics to pry big money from the state, having focus and direction, the European take on rehabilitating prisoners, some basic steps toward release day.

August 2007         PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Pending court cases that could result in a prisoner release order due to overcrowding, cutting through the misconceptions of prison, a transcript from a January hearing, practical programs, and restorative justice.

July 2007         PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Assembly and Senate leaders signed-off on sleazy prison building legislation, when release becomes a reality, defending your dignity, prioritizing your top ambitions in life, and a little self-discipline goes a long way.

June 2007         PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Parallels in representation provided to the taxpayer and the imprisoned, goal-oriented people who can handle the tough situation, a transcript excerpt from a February hearing, and overcharging on prison phone calls.

May 2007         PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

How our social standings can determine our civil rights, making a good impression at your parole hearing, stepping up and having your voice heard, and a survey of presently incarcerated term-to-life prisoners.

April 2007        PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

A presidential deterioration of this nations "separation of powers", philosophies that build character, we take a field trip to a parole where the prisoner is questioned by the D.A., self-advocating and taking control.

March 2007      PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

While restricting the prisoners free speech the mainstream media continues to deceive the public with fear tactics, one man's short lived experience with the board, one man's prolonged experience at the board, and long-term costs.

February 2007     PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Who is the beneficiary when prison overcrowding is declared in an Emergency Proclamation, clearing up the top five misconceptions of prison life, a lesson in being prepared, and job hunting from your cell.

January 2007     PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

The Legislatures big fix for prison overcrowding, successfully resolving conflict inside and out, why are prisoners regularly denied a friendly witness at parole hearings, and a systematic approach to achieving goals.

December 2006        PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Alternatives to the current parole process are considered, the Board's preference to permit only adverse witnesses, how do you create impartiality, and generating programs with a practical purpose.

November 2006        PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

A reflection on some encouraging changes, will state government ever step up to the plate, and moving forward in the face of continued political adversity.

October 2006          PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Why political participation is critical to parole reform, a few pointers in parole preparation, and taking a closer look at the Board's practice of providing psychiatric evaluations.

September 2006         PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Discussing the principles of liberty found within the U.S. Constitution, maintaining an ambitious pursuit of parole suitability, a pro-active approach to advocacy, and staying mentally & physically fit for the long haul.

August 2006             PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Why do we permit transient causes to leave such devastating effects on our government, special interests and union lobbyists incarcerate the citizenry at an alarming rate, one man's plea agreement, and making plans for the future.

July 2006         PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

The balance of power between the legislative and judicial branches is considered, making sound decisions when preparing for parole, and staying in the loop on which programs are available.

June 2006       PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Taking a closer look at the range of gubernatorial candidates, the impact of overcrowded prison systems and california's high recidivism rates, being prepared for the psych. evaluation, and making a few good choices.

May 2006          PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Exploring the many avenues of possible parole reforms, a few tips on job hunting from a cell, finding available programming within a turbulent prison system, and the post-prison job search.

April 2006         PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

A few thoughts from the U.S. Supreme Court on long-term imprisonment, maintaining a healthy awareness of incarceration can affect behavior, dealing with Mr. Negative, and trying to stay healthy in a unhealthy environment.

March 2006       PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Daily distractions and occasional adversity fail to dissuade a prisoner with a goal, thoughtful relationships with others, making good choices, a pitch for family visits, and a little post-release advice.

February 2006      PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Having a self-determined direction might just save your life, emotional restraint when dealing with the Board, one prisoners' February parole hearing, and advocating on one's own behalf.

January 2006      PREVIEW or DOWNLOAD

Premier Edition: A look back at the term-to-life prisoners' participation in group activities and some brief explanation of this organization's stated purpose, and why sitting idle is no longer an acceptable option.





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